Wedding DJ - 95% of what we do

Tri-City Mobile Music is a wedding DJ and MC service located in Greeley, Colorado. Their team has a giant music selection, and three professional DJs to create an exciting atmosphere on the dance floor at your wedding. They have been in business for more than 30 years and use their experience to meet their clients’ every need.

They are proud to have a music library of over 100,000 titles in a wide variety of genres for couples to choose from. They also know that music taste is specific, and every couple has something different in mind, so they offer customized setlists and do-not-play lists. To find exactly what you’re looking for, Tri-City Mobile Music offers consultations between you and your DJ. In addition to music, they will also provide announcements and information for guests to make your wedding flow smoothly. They bring all their own lighting and sound equipment, including microphones and dance floor lighting. They also offer proof of liability insurance.

Hiring a DJ

Disc Jockey’s have become a popular choice in recent years. Many brides are hiring them instead of or, in addition to, a live band because they can play a wide variety of music and can act as the master of ceremonies as well. We find our DJ’s end up acting like an event coordinator and we enjoy that role!

We know that in choosing a DJ, you will want to shop around and learn about different companies.  Because we want you to be sure you’ve made the right choice with us, Tri-City Mobile Music offers these tips for working with your DJ:

Just as in choosing a band be sure you’re hiring a professional.  Meet him/her personally, ask for a reference list, and try to attend an affair he/she is playing.

Make sure that he/she has high quality, professional sound equipment – not a home stereo system. 

As with a band, iron out the details pertaining to the time, location and fee, and make sure they are all spelled out in your contract.

Most DJ’s will need an hour to set up their equipment, be sure the room you are using is available in advance.

While you may want to make sure that some of your favorite songs are played at your event, it is not necessarily a good idea to hand your DJ a list of songs you want to be played and expect him/her to stick with it.  Instead, discuss the type of music you’d like played ( big band, rock, jazz or a combination) and then give him some leeway to “read the room” and play songs that will most entertain your guests.

If your event site presents some logistical problems (it’s up three flights of stairs, for example, or has inconveniently placed outlets), it’s a good idea to warn the DJ in advance so he can visit the site and make necessary adjustments.

If your DJ does not have a recording of a specific song you want to be played, he should try to obtain it through every means possible.

For more information on hiring a DJ or to schedule a deejay for your event please contact us at Tri-City Mobile Music.  After all with over 40 years of experience, more than 100,000 song titles, and the #1 reputation in Northern Colorado, we can plan an event for you to remember for a lifetime.