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A good Best Man takes charge of the ushers, and briefs them on seating arrangements at the wedding rehearsal.

He gets the wedding ring from the groom and guards it with his life the day of the wedding. Some best men carry a dime store "spare" - just in case.  If there's a ring bearer, the best man sees that he carries out these instructions properly.

The Best Man obtains the marriage license and the minister's fee from the groom the day of the wedding.

He helps the groom get ready for the wedding, making sure that the groom's bags are packed.  The best man will usually take the bride's and the groom's luggage to the checkroom or to the car they are to use.  He'll also take the groom's going away clothes to the reception place.

He calls for and accompanies the groom to the church, and waits with him in the vestry.  He should get the groom to the church at least 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.  The best mans may choose to present the ministers fee at this waiting time instead of after the ceremony.  He will be sure that the groom hat and coat will be taken around to the vestibule of the church with his own, before the ceremony.  Afterwards, he sees that the members of the wedding party leave in the proper cars.

He checks tickets, reservations, train connections, etc., for the honeymoon and sees that all of the heavy luggage is checked before leaving the church.  He makes sure the tickets are placed in the groom pockets after he has changed into his street clothes.

A Best Man serves as toastmaster and timekeeper at the bride's table during the reception.  He should propose a toast to the bride (sometimes to the bride and groom) and should respond to a toast to the bridesmaids.  He sees that the guestbook is signed, has a car sent around at the proper time, assists the couple in getting away and sees them off.

He may make arrangements for the groom's bachelor dinner, if there is to be one.

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